Solar & Storage

In November 2020 we had some solar panels on the front of the house as we get the sun in the morning at the front and some sun at the back of the house (2.75kw) of panels & battery (4kwh) installed, the possess was done in a day cost was 5K not cheep then but it’s a bargain with today’s cost one thing is true costs of labor always goes up and now is the cheapest you will get it, the geek in me was loving the stats covering our electric needs for the house in the summer and spring and some days in the winter.

was exporting a lot back to the grid and getting £0.04p a KW/one unit of electric we exported we have no net metering in the UK, so we then upgraded our EV charger to a Zappy smart charger that charges the car when we start exporting over 1.5Kw so making better use of the solar power we produce, with only panels on the front of the house it seemed silly not to make the most of our system by adding some more solar panels on the back of the house so we did 8 more the same as the front at a cost 2K, this has given us much of a boost for charging the cars especially in the summer.